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Febzzy ft Slow Zeus - Omo Yi

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Photograph: Pinterest


It can't be bought 
It's beyond anything you can ever imagine 
Perfection is the only way

From Zero To Hero

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful and charming young lady called Rose. She was endowed with great beauty. Rose was from very poor background but she believed and had hope of being the richest person in the world. When she told people about it, they laughed, mocked her and told her that she is a nobody.
Rose cried for long hours because of what people told her. She then told herself that she was not going to listen to what people say because her future is not in their hands so she can be whatever and whoever she wants to be only if she is committed to hard work. She went to school. In school, she was a bright and intelligent student with good grades. Her teachers were so proud of her because of her performance. She became one of the best students in her class, schools were looking for her because they wanted her in their schools. Some schools offered her scholarships, therefore it was left for her to choose where she wanted. Her parents were so proud of her and they blessed he…

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You are an art of beauty, picture perfect
I love the fragrance of your beauty, it got me charmed
I have been shot with the arrow of love that is why I am feeling this way
You have unlocked something in me because you are the key
My focus is always on you because you are the one
You are the goddess of beauty, nothing can be compared to you
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what I see is perfection.

Photograph: Pinterest