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Waiting For The Moment

Waiting for the moment is all about preparing yourself for the right time to blow up. All you need is faith and trust in yourself. When you have finally done that, pick up what you love, it could be a skill. When you have noticed that there is progess in the skill you have come up with, don't be shy to tell others because two heads are better than one. People can help you bulid up your skill by aiding you with great ideas which will help you build your potentials. Building your potentials is a continuous process which needs a lot of efforts. Efforts which will take your potentials to the next level. Taking your potentials to the next level is all about putting all your best in what ever you are doing. Taking risks is one thing we should always consider when it comes to doing activities we are really passionate for. When you are really passionate for a particular task, don't give up because you don't know what might happen next, you can never tell because i
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YoungPhil ft YT Nelson - Stay Alive

Out Now !!!! Stay Alive 🎶 Young Phil x YT Nelson Produced by @puffybeatz 🖤 Art by @oc_milli Listen & Share ❤️ Unsigned Records ✈️

Youngphil - Pray For Me Cover

Feetex SZN

Check out Feetex szn🌴 on #SoundCloud

Feetex x Toosio x Suki - Basic

Miss Beauty 2020  


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